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Waste Management System

As a key solution and equipment provider in solid waste management, Wong Fong Engineering is continuously improving and reinventing waste collection and disposal technology to generate efficient yet cost-effective solutions for waste management.

  • Hook Loaders

    With its versatile functionality and user-friendly application, the hook loader is highly sought after for loading and container handling. Its hydraulic Arm-Roll system is a cost-effective, safe option for handling scrap metal, solid/liquid waste, recyclable materials and building refuse. We have a variety of hook loaders to meet every industry need.

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  • Portable Compactors

    Designed for most industrial applications and large-scale waste transportation, our compactors allow for returns of investments with its inbuilt cost-saving features. Regardless of mobile or stationary systems, our compactors allow more waste to be fitted, thanks to the specifically researched-designs.

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  • Rear-end Compactors

    High compaction rate, ease-of-operation and low-maintenance, rear-end compactors offer a smart solution to handling waste. This reliable and economical compression system can be mounted onto trucks and is equipped with a built-in hydraulic system for your ideal waste management.

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  • Skip-lifts

    Skip-lifts are part of our diverse range of products offered to small-medium and general waste collection systems. They are used to transport skip-bins at work sites to designated waste disposal facilities. Each general-purpose bin truck is built with two hydraulic-powered steel arms for unrivalled efficiency.

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  • Container Bins

    Our high-tension steel and/or mild steel containers provide high quality assurance to the collection of scrap materials and rubbish at work sites. Using only the best and sturdiest material in the market, HARDOX quality plates, our container bins ensure tough durability and maximum satisfaction for users.

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  • Mini dumper

    Mini-dumpers are electrical-powered apparatuses that operate with near-to-zero sound volume, suitable for use in areas such as, housing estates, parks, resorts, schools and institutions. The powerful steel compactor enables increased collection of waste volume, which improves the overall productivity and efficiency.

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