Wong Fong - Engineering


Defence Solutions

Engineering and material sciences at Wong Fong Engineering are applied not only to industrial applications but to the defence of home and nation. Our engineers and technical specialists customise and design intelligent military solutions that are currently engaged by various government and military bodies, including the Singapore Civil Defence Force, Singapore Police Force, Singapore Armed Forces as well as overseas military forces.

  • Military Vehicles and / or Components

    Our custom-made military vehicles and solutions provide the highest performance drive and powerful load handling capability in all conditions and environments. We also specialise in component attachments for tougher modification to perform the heaviest-duty task.

    Our wide range of military and defence systems includes (and not limited to) high-mobility trailers, military shelters and mobile maintenance vehicles, military cargo beds, recovery winches, flat racks, mobile power systems as well as other customised projects.

  • Extreme Armour Solutions

    Our top-rated armour systems are highly trusted and used in the Military and Defence industry. These armouring provide extreme protection in even the most hazardous situations. With R&D integrated into the highest-quality materials used, our advanced engineering inventions offer maximum security for our future.

    Our comprehensive add-on armour solutions include (and not limited to) armouring panels, blast-protection panels, ballistics glass, run-flat tyres, explosion suppression composite, self-sealing composite as well as other intelligent armouring projects.

  • Customised Systems

    Our experience and expertise in Defence systems allow us to fulfill all military and/or civil defence requirements, to provide the best-fit customised solutions for your full turnkey projects.