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Assistive Technology & Mobility Aid

Improving the lives of people through advanced engineering solutions is one of the key missions at Wong Fong Engineering. We are committed to provide advanced mobility aids to enable and empower independency among the disabled, aging population and individuals with needs of support, giving assistance to daily challenges.

  • Wheelchair Lifts and / or Vehicle Lifts

    Wheelchair and Vehicle Lifts provide stable support for people with disabilities and aging individuals. The innovative and advanced features of our product range can address different user needs and facilitate their overall independent mobility. The lifts are suitable for installation in most vehicles, offering safety and ease-of-use.

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  • Vehicle Turn-seat Lifters

    The versatility of these vehicle turn-seat lifters allows installation in the front or mid row of most vehicle types. Users can enjoy a greater ease of accessibility from vehicles, whether boarding or alighting.

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  • Wheelchair Tie-downs

    This wheelchair tie-down device assists in securing the position of a wheelchair and enables a full lock-down if such emergencies arise, providing a full safety measure for users.

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  • Vehicle Assistive Steps

    The “Assist Steps” can be mounted to vehicles to create easier accessibility in-and-out of the vehicle. These useful steps can be deployed easily with the Release lever and/or pedal available for designated models. Optional handrails for increased support can also be requested.

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